AR for wearables: Is now the right time or have we missed a step?

There’s been a fair amount of speculation of late about the future of AR… is it going to work? Is augmented reality a wasted investment? You might be wondering the reason for this doubt: Companies such as the much-hyped MagicLeap, for example, have put all their emphasis on developing wearable tech for AR. Although it is probable that Read More

Ready to make a living from augmented reality? Here’s what needs to happen first…

If you’re working within the immersive technology industry, it won’t come as a shock to hear that over the next 4-5 years augmented reality uptake is predicted to rocket. According to Statista, AR market figures are expected to reach $61.39 billion (USD) by 2023 and revenue from AR is projected to be 4x higher than VR by 2020. Read More

Two Augmented Reality trends you need to know about in 2018

  Last month we sent our lead developer to Unite 2018 Berlin. In light of the conference there are clear indications of two augmented reality trends; to create multi-user AR experiences with the effect of increasing global connectivity. This is an interesting concept considering augmented reality (and virtual reality) has, up until this point, been a relatively isolated Read More

Welcome to Rise AR: a leading UK augmented reality company

It’s an exciting time here in the office; not only are we continuing to produce our high quality cgi’s, we’ve been working hard on creating bespoke augmented reality apps and developing our very own software development kit (SDK) through our sister company, RiseAR. With all this going on, we thought it was about time to start series of Read More

Verified views – How, why, and when?

If you’ve ever commissioned cgi’s, the chances are at some point you’ve requested a photomontage. This is basically a computer-generated image of your property superimposed against a photograph of the location. This is a great way to show how your proposal will sit in context. It ticks a number of boxes – makes the visual look more realistic, Read More

A review of the Augmented Reality industry – Why are we all missing the point?

I love Augmented Reality. I’ve been an advocate of this technology for several years now and I want to see it break through into the mainstream as much as anybody. I suppose that’s why I’m growing more frustrated by lack of progress made by the people charged with the responsibility of bringing it to the masses – the developers, content creators Read More

VR Nausea – Is it really that difficult to fix?

Virtual Reality is taking a hold, there’s no doubt about that. With YouTube’s recent support for 360º videos, we can now experience to some degree what it’s like to jump from an aircraft, surf the waves or take on the rocky terrain of a mountain bike course. As a result, a growing army of curious VR enthusiasts are playing these Read More

Augmented Reality Ergonomics – creating a sales tool for CBS

Back in 2014 we were searching for contract furniture companies who were looking for the next generation of Augmented Reality sales tools. Through Classic Group, an associate company, we found Colebrook Bosson Saunders, a retailer in office ergonomics, based in Southwark, London. CBS are the ideal candidate for AR technology. They are forward-thinking, adventurous and innovative in their Read More

Christmas in perspective – making our 2015 seasonal video

There are many predictable things that happen this time of year. The marketing machines of the world go into overdrive, people embarrass themselves at office parties, and music channels vote Fairytale of New York as the number 1 Christmas song. For us here at CGEye, it’s the inevitable ‘When can we see your new e-card?’. It’s fair to say that Read More

CGI’s – Why we’re walking the tightrope

I suppose after 11 years in the architectural visualisation business, now’s as good a time as any to reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve responded to them. In order to do this, we need to look at the very core of what keeps us ticking – our clients and their needs. The visuals we create Read More