The Photon House by Cantifix

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to work on a project that is something a little bit out of the ordinary. The Photon Project by Cantifix is one of those such projects. “The Photon Project is a unique and important four year study into the biological effects of light and the development of healthy ‘Photon Living’ solutions for all types of buildings. Read More

Stratford Halo

It’s always nice to be reminded of an older project that you enjoyed working on, and it’s funny the sense of attachment you feel towards a real building that you’ve worked on the CGIs for. Everytime I go into London I can’t help staring at the Stratford Halo building as it goes past. So we thought we’d share Read More

St John’s Hospital, Chelmsford

The former St John’s Hospital is close to the hearts of many in Chelmsford, owing to half the population of the surrounding area having been born there (including one of our Senior Artists here at CGEye). Not being a genuine Essex boy myself I don’t quite have the same sentimental link, but living near by when it closed Read More

Photomontages, day and night

For new builds on existing streets, extensions to existing buildings or refurbishments, then a ‘Photomontage‘ is nearly always the way to go. This is especially true when the surrounding buildings or landscape is a particular selling feature for your new property. As their name suggests the basis for a Photomontage is a high quality photograph. Depending on the requirements of Read More


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