Verified views – How, why, and when?

If you've ever commissioned cgi's, the chances are at some point you've requested a photomontage. This is basically a computer-generated image of your property superimposed against a photograph of the location. This is a great way to show how your proposal will sit in [...]

CGI’s – Why we’re walking the tightrope

A reflection: I suppose after 11 years in the architectural visualisation business, now's as good a time as any to reflect on the challenges we've faced and how we've responded to them. In order to do this, we need to look at the very [...]

Roll with it…Matching CGI to live video

Amongst the main weapons in the armoury of developers looking to gain planning consent, the photomontage CGI is proving to be a hit. These images provide a valuable insight into how a development will sit in its true context, and how, hopefully, environmental impact [...]

Christmas E-Card 2013

Over the past few years we've been producing interactive Christmas E-cards for a bit of festive fun. It's always a nice to produce something a little different and hopefully helps to get us and our clients into the Christmas spirit! Beginnings: Our first attempt started off [...]

The Photon House by Cantifix

Sometimes we're lucky enough to work on a project that is something a little bit out of the ordinary. The Photon Project by Cantifix is one of those such projects. “The Photon Project is a unique and important four year study into the biological effects of [...]

Stratford Halo

It's always nice to be reminded of an older project that you enjoyed working on, and it's funny the sense of attachment you feel towards a real building that you've worked on the CGIs for. Everytime I go into London I can't help staring [...]

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