Introducing RiseAR, the exciting new Augmented Reality service from CGEye.

Augmented Reality is a fusion of the real and digital worlds. Through the screen of a smartphone or tablet, users can experience eye-popping interactive content like never before.

Now at last there’s an easy way for businesses like yours to harness the power of AR with your own bespoke, affordable app that gets your product in front of your customers in a way that will captivate, educate and amaze them!

You supply the ideas, we’ll do the rest, from full app production, testing and publishing to updates, support and guidance whenever you need it. We can add 3d models, imagery, music, speech and more to your AR app, and can make it available to both iOS and Android users on a range of devices.

Why is RiseAR different?

We are fans of Augmented Reality, and we believe as many others do that it is the future of digital media. Naturally we want to see it used to it’s full, amazing potential, and the benefits for business are huge (check out our blog page for more thoughts on this) Our aim is to help businesses take the step into AR, whether they want to market their product, train their staff, help their customers make important buying decisions, or just have fun. Our formula means your business can now have it’s own, dedicated AR app without the high costs associated with such a unique product.

Check out the videos below to see what we’ve created in Augmented Reality. If you want to join the AR revolution, contact us now.