Introducing Rise AR

A leading augmented reality development company based in the UK

Our aim:

We are fans of augmented reality and believe, as many others do, that it is the future of digital media. Naturally, we want to see it used to its full, amazing potential. The benefits for business are huge. That’s why we want to help businesses like yours take the step into AR. Whether it’s to train staff, market their product, help customers make an important buying decision, or just have fun. Our formula means that your business can now have its own dedicated AR app within a sensible budget.

Our past projects have included:

– Interactive augmented reality experience at Colchester Zoo, implemented to increase visitor numbers. You can read the case study here;
– Revolutionary augmented reality sales app for Colebrook Bosson Saunders, which successfully eases the sales process by digitally showcasing heavy ergonomic equipment. You can read the case study here;
– A ‘try before you buy’ style augmented reality app for Cantifix. 

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