Welcome to Rise AR: a leading UK augmented reality company

It’s an exciting time here in the office; not only are we continuing to produce our high quality cgi’s, we’ve been working hard on creating bespoke augmented reality apps and developing our very own software development kit (SDK) through our sister company, RiseAR.

With all this going on, we thought it was about time to start series of blog posts that will be posted every other Wednesday at 3pm. The content will focus on everything and anything augmented reality, from in-office projects, to industry news. It will also become the main platform where you can find out all about our much anticipated SDK as and when details are released. Anyway, there’s no better way to kick off a blog series than with a little ‘get to know us’ – so here we are!

Rise AR – the low-down:

Who are Rise AR, I hear you ask. RiseAR is a leading UK augmented reality development company. We are based in Essex and create enterprise apps specific to your companies needs. Working on a B2B basis, we provide the very best augmented reality business solutions with the aim to educate, engage and excite consumers like never before.

We’ve loved working on each and every project that we’ve had. From creating a unique interactive AR woolly mammoth walk-through experience at Colchester Zoo, to designing an app that can be used to re-create the solar system for use in schools. We believe that the potential for augmented reality is huge. As a result, we’ve taken the next step and decided to develop our very own SDK. Our SDK will revolutionize the way augmented reality applications are created (more info coming soon.)


The RiseAR SDK:

We can’t say much about our SDK just quite yet unfortunately, but what we can tell you is that it is coming very soon. It will also feature some never before seen features and effects! Sounds good right? A year into development and we’ve already got a prototype. It’s a big task for a relatively small company. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to face this huge task alone! Introducing the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

What is is the KTP?

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership, also known as KTP, is run by Innovate UK. In short, the partnership allows you to develop an idea by filling an important skills gap. It does this by allocating funding and by partnering you up with either an academic or research organisation. To help complete our unique SDK, we are proudly partnered with the University of Essex in Wivenhoe. The benefit of partnering with a local academic or research base is that you are then assigned an ‘associate’, in our case a qualified graduate, who will work in-house with you to provide essential knowledge and experience that your business may lack to complete the project. On our team we are also accompanied by leading academics in both digital and location based digital technology.

For more information on KTP via Innovate UK, visit: http://ktp.innovateuk.org/

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into what we do exactly here at RiseAr and how we roll.

If you would like to get in touch, then please do! We are active on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, so make sure you follow us and subscribe to keep up to date with all of our exciting projects. You can find the links to our social media platforms at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can contact the CGEye admin team who will happily help with any questions and/or requests.

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Author: Liberty Smith, Social Media Marketer, CGEye and Rise AR, @liberty_smith_