Shaping the London Skyline: How our CGIs have helped develop some of the most iconic London high-rises…

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and we’re travelling across London on the Overground towards Stratford. Coming up to the end of our journey and we pass one of the developments that we created a verified view for standing proud in all it’s glory. We pull into Stratford and spot another, the Stratford Halo, which we also produced both CGI visuals and an animation for. It quickly dawned on us that we have, over the years, helped shape the London skyline quite significantly – of course, we decided to write this post and share these projects with you!

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1.) Strata, Southwark

Strata, also known as ‘the razor’, is one of London’s most recognisable high-rises, thanks to the three turbines at the top. It is one of the tallest residential buildings at 43 storeys high and was built in the London borough of Southwark.

Above is a collage of the nighttime CGI visuals we completed for the project!

2.) Stratford Halo, Stratford

The Stratford Halo was one of the first high-rises to be built in Stratford. Since it’s construction, the area has undergone significant development and the Stratford skyline is now dominated by towering glass apartment and office blocks, with many more still to come. The Stratford Halo is just one-storey smaller than Strata, at 42 storeys high.

Again, the above visuals are our CGIs that were completed before construction to show the impact of the tower!

3.) Homerton, Hackney

Ah, the one that kicked this whole blog post off. This apartment block in Homerton in the London Borough of Hackney is located right next to the Overground track and features a wall garden.

The above visuals are a series of verified views we created for this project. If you’re unsure about what verified views are, you can find more info here:

4.) Camberwell, Southwark

This residential development in Camberwell features multiple apartment blocks as well as a courtyard area. The penthouse apartments offer amazing views over London as well!

Here are our CGIs for the development.

5.) Telegraph Greenwich , Greenwich

The Telegraph development in Greenwich is a series of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

Above are our CGI visuals which are shown on the developers website!

6.) Horizons

Above are a few stills taken from the animation video we created for this residential development.